Nomanizan Island

Looking up Shoal Creek from the Cove in Winter.

     Nomanizan Island, the creation of the artist's imagination, is located in the Western Approaches to Maine's Penobscot Bay.

     The island has a population of about 800 hard working, fun loving, and creative people. There is a working harbor, an airfield, and a K - 12 school.


     The State of Maine provides ferry service via the EVERETT LIBBY three times a week and is used mostly by commercial interests. The passenger ferry RACHEL is operated by Island SeaTrans and makes several trips  a day. Air Ranger Transport operates out of Reynolds Field on a demand basis for passengers.


     Two Island Coast Guard stations are situated at either end of the island: MacPhearson's Farewell on Long Point at the southwestern tip of the island and Katrina's Hope at the eastern end.


     The  island has several agricultural businesses, the largest of which is the vineyard at Raisens d'Etre. Fishing is, of course, an active concern and is well diversified. The Nomanizan INDEPENDENT is the island's newspaper and has been in publication since 1919.


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